[White Paper] Key Issues for eDiscovery and Legal Compliance

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Without good eDiscovery practices and technologies, organizations that encounter court orders or regulatory obligations to produce information run the risk of sanctions, fines or other penalties.

Implementing eDiscovery best practices, including an archive, should be a high priority for every organization because they:

  • enable organizations to preserve content, place content on litigation hold and prevent information from being deleted prematurely
  • support the retention, protection, search and production of relevant content for an organization’s litigation efforts
  • minimize risk by significantly reducing the likelihood that an organization cannot satisfy a court or regulator request for information in the appropriate form and timeframe
  •  allow organizations to index, classify, search for and produce business records and other information for reasons other than an eDiscovery order

See for yourself what the experts at Osterman Research are saying about best practices that help organizations satisfy eDiscovery requirements and significantly reduce corporate risk. 

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Table of Contents

Why Focus On eDiscovery?

  • How To View Discovery
  • eDiscovery Basics
  • Electronic Content Volumes Are Growing Rapidly

What Is Driving The Growing Importance Of eDiscovery?

  • The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Obligations That All Organizations Must Satisfy
  • eDiscovery Requirements And Common Mistakes
  • Non-Legal Drivers For eDiscovery
  • How Will eDiscovery Change?

Important eDiscovery Issues And Their Impact

  • The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)
  • Federal Rules Of Eveidence
  • State Requirements
  • Laws Outside Of North America
  • Other Issues to Consider

Best Practices and Recommendations

  • Establish A Meet And Greet
  • Focus On Employee Involvement
  • Implement Archiving (Not Backup) For eDiscovery
  • Deploy The Right eDiscovery Tools
  • Become Proactive, Not Reactive
  • Reduce The Costs Of Email And Business Management
  • Implement Litigation Holds Properly
  • Establish Key Best Practices
  • Deploy The Appropriate Solutions
  • Understand Changes The Cloud Affords For eDiscovery

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