[White Paper] Next-Generation Archiving

Extracting Intelligence From Your Electronic Archives

Say hello to Archiving 2.0! Applying analytics to archived data can deliver actionable results and competitive advantage in a way that no other solution can. Get all the details in this new white paper from the experts at Osterman Research.

The New Driver For Archiving
Electronic content archiving is entering its second phase – what we’re calling Archiving 2.0, or Next-Generation Archiving. While the defensive role of archiving is critical and an important best practice for every organization, decision makers need to consider archiving’s vital role in extracting meaningful business intelligence and additional value from the electronic content the organization already possesses.

Key Takeaways
• Of the various motivating factors for deploying an archiving solution, the ability to extract insight and intelligence from archived data will see the greatest increase in interest among decision makers over the next two years.

• Traditional drivers for archiving – focused primarily on regulatory compliance and litigation support – will continue to be important, but next-generation archiving will be an important driver for deployment of new archiving solutions. In addition, next-generation archiving will enable compliance departments to get ahead of litigation and regulatory issues by proactively monitoring interactions for potential issues before they are surfaced by external entities.

• There are a large number of potential use cases for next-generation archiving solutions, but an expanding pool of decision makers outside of IT will need to be educated about their value. As the business value of intelligent insights increases, these use cases for next-generation archiving will expand beyond IT, requiring vendors to help coach businesses about how to best position and leverage these solutions in the organization.

• Most current archiving solutions are not designed to be used as next-generation archiving systems and will need to be either supplemented with new capabilities or replaced. The survey conducted for this white paper found that only 10% of organizational decision makers and influencers believe their current archiving solution is capable of supporting next-generation capabilities.

Don’t miss out! See for yourself why every organization should deploy a next-generation archiving solution to extract insight and intelligence from its information archives.

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