[Infographic] Who needs email archiving? You!

You’re responsible.

Whether you’re the CEO/Owner, Legal Counsel, Compliance Manager, IT Administrator or Human Resources Director, you’re responsible for protecting your business with a solid data governance strategy.

For modern businesses, that has never been more challenging, based on the shear volume of critical data being created and the accompanying explosion of mandates regulating it.

Even worse, your intellectual property may be at risk! More than 80% of emails contain IP and other confidential business-critical information, according to a report by Frost and Sullivan about proper email governance for businesses.

More than ever, data preservation and retention best practices help mitigate institutional risk, improve operational efficiency and cut costs.

Email archiving, an easy and cost-effective first step toward good data governance, protects your business and yourself from significant risk.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. See all the business benefits of email archiving for yourself and protect the valuable IP stored and sent in your email – before there’s a problem.